64 yogini vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran Mantra

Kali is in all forms. She is particularly present in the 64 Yoginis, all extensions of her Cosmic Personality. This 64 Yogini Namavali wins the grace of Maha Kali and her ancient mother aspects. First published inthese mantras come directly from Sathguru Babaji. All are welcome to use these sacred sounds which will elevate humanity. For the absolving of sins, clarity of consciousness, a peaceful heart, massive protection, dynamic aura, robust health, and the magnificent grace of abundance of every type, one should chant the sacred names of the sixty-four Yoginis.

We should never minimize their potential. They are not minor deities, but the supreme divinity; none other than emanations of the one cosmic Prakriti residing over every aspect of the relative plane. They can pull a soul from the lowest depths of illusion into the most elevated heights of grace- light. To perform this puja, simply prepare a copper yantra with sixty-four petals and chant the following mantras with an open heart.

If copper is not available, draw the yantra with India ink using Bhoj Patra. The daily repetition of these mantras with purify all darkness, jealousy and resentment within. Seek out direct spiritual guidance from a soul animated by the Divine. Worshipping Kali and Her 64 Yoginis Kali is in all forms. Om Kurukulla Rasanatha Swaha Ruler of physical pleasure 5. Om Ugraprabha Sukranatha Swaha Ruler of the seminal essence 9.

Om Bhagamalini Tarini Swaha Who delivers from calamity Om Vahnivasini Sasini Swaha Radiance of the moon Om Nilapataka Siddhida Swaha Giver of perfection Om Dakini Madasalini Swaha Shining with rapture Om Lakini Sarvatantresi Swaha Ruler of all tantras Om Sakini Mitrarupini Swaha Friend Om Bhuvaneshwari Mantrini Swaha Energy of all mantras Om Dhumavati Kundalini Swaha Primordial energy of self Om Camunda Parianganatha Swaha Ruler of sacred erection Om Lakshmi Monoramayoni Swaha With beautiful yoni Om Durga Satchitananda Swaha Truth consciousness and bliss You can find us on Facebook or email us at yoginiashram gmail.Gold locket has been prescribed for this Yantra, so I cannot say anything about the effectiveness of using a Silver locket.

Generally addition of all lines horz or vertically should be same. Here it is not. Post a Comment Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts and knowledge. Answer the Queries of others. Please do not expect answers for obvious or personal questions. Powerful Chausat Yogini Yantra. By Neel N December 04, These 64 Yogini are feminine mystic entities who according to the Hindu religious scriptures are said to represent 64 physical, mental, material and paranormal virtues, abilities and qualities.

The worship and Tantric rituals related to the 64 Yogini were widely prevalent in the early and late middle ages in most parts of India. There is a special place in Tantric practices for Yogini Sadhana, which is a part of the Shakti Sadhana, as the Yogini is believed to be a supernatural manifestation possessing a specific quality originating from the Universal Mother or the Adi Shakti. Most Sacred Tantric Sadhanas and rituals involve the collective worship of all the 64 Yogini together as can be seen from the ancient temples dedicated for the worship of the 64 Yogini.

The one given here is a Yantra possessing a numerological combination, which is a representation of the 64 Yogini. The benefits of possessing this Yantra are immense and the Sadhaka is said gain spiritual and material wealth. Then it is nicely folded and put inside a Gold Locket-Amulet and worn around the neck like a good luck attraction pendent.

If possible, a Havan can also be performed through a learned Tantric-Mantrik or Priest having deep knowledge and experience of actually performing Yogini Sadhana. Labels Yantra. Labels: Yantra. Neel N is the founder of Prophet Mridani December 5, at AM. Unknown December 5, at PM. Unknown May 2, at AM. Ajay June 9, at PM. Neel N June 10, at PM. Most Popular Posts. By Neel N August 04, Read more.

Most powerful Vashikaran Mantra.Home About us Contact us Payment Options. Teaching of solution astrology and tantra shatkarma is also available Marakshanand Prabhu, the spiritual guide and activist.

Vashikaran Mantra. What is vashikaran mantra A vashikaran mantra or love spell is used to control someone whom you love or want him to love and marry you. If you are in love with someone and want to get him back and married to him, you can use these powerful shabar mantra for vashikaran or love spells to make him under your control. This is strongly recommended not to use these mantras against mankind.

Success in vashikaran mantra It should also be kept in mind that success in vashikaran spells or using a vashikaran mantra is never guaranteed.

Always remember that God is supreme to all. Luck and circumstances always matters. If somebody is giving you the guarantee for any type of vashikaran or love spells then he is wrong and making you fool. Use your mind and take right decision. How does vashikaran mantra work Vashikaran mantra works under the powers of its deity ies and deities are not our servants.

They are independent supernatural forces, free to accept or reject your prayer or ritual. Any work which is being done in the interest of humanity will bring fruitful result but if you are trying to use a vashikaran mantra just to get someone for your benefit, it may bring dire consequences before you.


Further, it is also suggested not to use evil powers, thoughts or cleverness to bring your dreams come true. It will bring dark future to you nothing else. So be careful. Why our parents fulfill all our wishes, why are they always ready even to die for our welfare? Because they are under powerful emotions in terms of love for us. They are under us. This is vashikaran. This is love. So, vashikaran is creating love, a beautiful feeling to be with someone, always.

Kaam pishach vashikaran mantra for both males and females. Procedure: — Read this mantra in the multiple of times daily for 15 days facing north direction at midnight and up to the sunrise being naked. Soon he or she will be under your control.

When he comes to you, be normal and make him to marry you. Please do not start it without our guidance. It may harmful to you. Om bhagwati bhag bhaag dayini devdanti mam vashyam kuru kuru swaha. Procedure: — This mantra is used to control a lady.

Energize the salt seven times by this mantra on Thursday in pleasing manner and give it to the lady in food. Soon the lady will get attracted towards you. Kala kalua chausath veer, taal bhaagi tor jahan ko bheju, vahi ko jaye, maas majja ko shabad ban jaye apna mara, aap dikhay, chalat baan maru, ulat mooth maru maar maar kalua, teri aas chaar, chaumukha deeya, maar baadi ki chaati itna kaam mera na kare to tujhe mata ka doodh piya haraam.

Procedure: — A lady, whom you want under your control, take earth of her left foot. Energize it with this mantra 7 times and drop on her head cleverly. She will get attracted and be under your control soon. Vashikaran by using Cardamom for both males and females. Vashikaran by using sweets for both males and females Om namoh adesh kamakhya devi ko jal mohu, thal mohu, jangal ki hirni mohu baat chalta batohi mohu, darbar baitha raja mohu, palang baithi rani mohu, mohini mero naam, mohu jagat sansaar, tara tarila totla, teeno basay kapaal sir chadhe matu ke, dushman karu pamaal maat mohini devi ki duhaai phure mantra khudaai.

Procedure: — Read the mantra times and energize the sweet with it.In the spot of Kama, which is in the focal point of the spot of Kama and amidst Kama, one should design a hole. By Kama one ought to achieve Kama, and ought to plac e Kama inside Kama.

Having made oneself a sweetheart by Kama, in the spot of Kama ne my foment the world — Vamakeshvarimatam IV, The Yogini Tantra is a voluminous work held in high respect by practitiners of Vamachara. It diagrams each subject recognizable to the Kaula and Vama traditions. This opens with a commonplace tantrik scene on Mount Kailasa where Shiva is tended to by Parvati.

She says she has heard composition of tantras before on Shri Shaila mountain, in Varanasi, in Kamarupa and in Nepal.

Now she needs to hear more from Shiva, the world guru. In answer, Shiva says he will pronounce the incomparable Yogini Tantra, the supplier of both riches and liberation. It is to be hidden and is obscure to all the devatas, to the asuras, to the yakshas and others however he will proclaim it out of adoration for Parvati. He begins by praising the goddess as the grandiose mother Vishvamatadim as a rainstorm, wearing a laurel and midriff band of skulls, with rumpled hair, totally stripped digambaram.

She has a moving tongue, makes a startling thunder, three blushed eyes and has a wide open mouth. She wears a moon digit on her brow, has the cadavers of two young men as her studs and is enhanced with different diamonds, which are of the brilliance of the Sun and the Moon. Laughing uproariously, she has two floods of blood pouring from her mouth, while her throat is red with blood. In her four arms she holds knife, head and makes mudras dissipating fears and allowing boons. She, the preeminent Nitya, is situated backward viparita intercourse with Mahakala upon the crpse of Shiva.

He begins with the qualities of the master, who he portrays as the base of all shastra, the foundation of this world and the extremely self of Parabrahma and the substance of Shiva. There pursues a dhyana of master in the castle of wish-satisfying pearls on Mount Kailasa, encompassed by hosts of Bhairavas. The royal residence is encompassed by the seven oceans. The master is unified with Mahakala Adinatha and knows all mantras, regardless of whether they be Shakta, Vaishnava or Ganapatya.

The enormity of the master is hymned in all the shastras. The epic Ramayana of Valmiki has said to be implanted in it Shri Gayatri of twenty-four letters in the twenty-four thousand stanzas of the epic. Thus from the ancient occasions BC upto date there is a whole custom of the God head being loved as Mother. In this long queue of Shakti revere, two parts of the goddess can be unmistakably discerned. The savage type of the god that is dreaded.

The generous part of her adoration and kindness. These two expansive angles are normal in the idea of God in different religions also. The first is mre crude and is a functioning a brutal structure — Rajasic or Tamsic persnification of Shakti. Fear is the transcendent feelings of the sadhaka in venerating this perspective, dread of regular catastrophes, sick wellbeing, passing, foes, destitution and even ignorance.

Even her structure is envisioned with numerous heads and hands each conveying fatal weapons like sword and mace, riding on wild creatures like tiger, lion and even corpse.

She as a rule lives in wild places, desolate backwoods, peaks and incineration grounds. She is commonly spoken to with a signal of relieving dread — Abhayamudra. She is offered penances of living things, for example, fowls, goats, bison and presumably even human beings.

Wine is offered in numerous cases. She is every now and again loved to increase restricted individual targets, at times even of a fiendishness nature.

It is this savage part of Shakti which Arjuna sees toward the finish of Vishwaroopa Darshana and gets frightened. The second type of Shakti is the Satvic one, a last mentioned and sublimer idea that is the result of Upnishadic thought. Here the sadhaka, through more noteworthy learning and practice to a great extent sheds the dread of the divinity and cherishes her as his very own mother.Vashikaran Mantra To Get Ex Lover Back or love Back Vashikaran can bring your lost love back by vashikaran play a big role to settle your life with your ex lover again.

If you are using vashikaran tantra in right way to achieve your goal in life. India is famous for its knowledge of occult science secrets and astrology and from all over world people come to india for this purpose.

India has many tantra mantra yantra in which vashikaran is a part which people use to make someone agree with them and to influence their lover or ex lover etc. In indian tantra there is part which called vashikaran. By vashikaran you can win your lost love back easily. But to do that you need a decent and loyal astrologer who has experience in the same vidhi and having perfect knowledge to perform vashikaran. To do vashikaran some information are necessary which you must have about beloved to do his or her vashikaran.

This vashikaran mantra to get ex lover back you can begin from any auspicious friday night after 10pm and till 31 nights you should do this vashikaran mantra to bring ex lover back and when finished do the hawan from same mantra into temple times to get required result and changes into the behavior of beloved. At friday nigth take bath and seat over red cloth and light four oil perfume based lamp in all four corners of yours near aasan and keep snap of desired person at front and concentrate over it and do the mantra to get ex lover back using sphatik rosary chants daily do for auspicious result.

64 yogini vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran mantra to get lost love back is a effective vashikaran mantra to turn mind of beloved quickly and it should be used only in auspicious time of any good nakchatra or muhurt.

In pushya Nakchatra, Sarwasiddhi yog, Guru pushya nakchatra yog, abhijeet yog you should begin this mantra to get lost love back. To do this mantra you need a green stone made rudraling.

To do this mantra first of all take bath, and over any wooden piece cover it from green cloth and keep cloth of beloved over it and write the same mantra in hindi words using kumkum and astgandh paste, after writing the mantra do pooja of rudraling using red flower, bhaang, dhatura, garland, incense and ghee lamp, sprinkle some oil perfume over rudraling in last and start chanting the mantra.

After doing the mantra times, fold the cloth with rudraling, wooden piece and in any temple ground, any rudra temple ground, garden, any clean place bury all those material, First of all keep wooden piece, now cover from the green cloth, keep cloth of beloved, his picture over there and keep rudraling over it and put clay and bury it.


When buried lit a lamp there and pray to grant your request soon and to change partner mind in favor soon. Daily till 21 days recite the same mantra using same rudraksh rosary times in a day.

Soon your lost love back will come back or contact you. This is rudra vashikaran mantra which can return your lost love back easily. By using this mantra you can do for lover vashikaran, ex back vashikaran, love back vashikaran etc.

Never use this mantra for any kind of selfish desire or wrong purpose. Vashikaran mantra to get back lost love is the method which work in those cases where you already loosen the lover and want to get him her back using vashikaran mantra. In Indian vashikaran tantra ancient scripts so many mantra given for different purpose and in that different purposes there are some vidhi that called lost love back vashikaran mantra prayog.

Using the powerful mantra to get lost love back you can bring your lover and get his respect and attention back in life to do this work we follow some complicated vashikaran rituals that generates huge amount of influence and attraction energies around us to put over desired lover to get him her back.

Using the vashikaran mantra to get back lost love you can attract the lover who is so far from you and attract him her to come back. Here on this page we will discuss about some rare methods of vashikaran that can bring your ex back really. Most powerful mantra to get lost love back that work very fast over lover and maintain the broken love relationship can bring your ex lover and attract over you like before to do this prayog we do yogini vidya prayog.

Yogini vashikaran mantra is a very hard vashikaran vidhi that possible by only experienced and known experts. Only few astrologers know about all those 64 yogini and their worship method. To do this strong mantra to get lost love back we need to consult with powerful expert and experienced priest and the thing is user and tantrik cannot take non veg food, alcohol drinks or egg during the time when invoking for 64 yogini.

To invoke and make all 64 yogini ready to do your work we need 64 days also. Per day for 1 yogini we worship and send her to do the work. Daily one yogini get visited by pooja and we make her happy from worship to do our work. Like this in 64 days 64 yoginis we send over desired lover to make him attract and control him for love relations.An examination of the ancient Tantric tradition reveals a particular sanctity assigned to the number eight. Following the Aryan migration into the Dravidian Indus region, the number eight, sacred to the Dravidians, was merged with the numbers andsacred to the Aryans.

Thus, they formed the sacred numbers andwhich have come down to us from those ancient times. The square of eight, or sixty-four, occupies an even more profound position in the field of Tantra which, from the point of view of the Kaula Marg practitioner, identifies both the sixty-four Yoginis and the sixty-four tantric kriyas.

Although the Yogini tradition of early medieval times also produced temples featuring forty-two and eighty-one Yoginis, the bulk of tantric temples have venerated sixty-four yoginis. A representation of the sixty-four Yoginis is found on the ancient Khechari Yantra.

Each of its sixty-four petals represent one of these ancient feminine deities of Tantra, the Yoginis. Within this yantra is also obscured the sacred geometry of Kriya Babaji, the reviver of Kriya Tantra Yoga for this age. This sacred geometry has often been associated with the root chakra.

There can be no doubt that the Khechari Yantra is rich with mystic symbolism. Its very name, transcribed from the mystical mudra of tongues tip, suggests its esoteric importance as unbounded space itself. The sixty-four practical techniques kriyas of trance and transformation correspond with the Yogini energies within nature, all of which interact together to produce spiritual growth when the appropriate catalyst is available.

64 yogini vashikaran mantra

Their purpose is to pull souls out of illusion. This is precisely the significance of both the sixty-four hexagrams seen in the Taoist tradition as well as the sixty-four yoginis of the Shakti Tantric tradition.

The Tantric literature itself is said to be composed of sixty-four spiritual books, also referred to as Tantras. The sixty-four sacred texts of Kaula Tantra are enumerated in classical texts such as the Vamakeshvara-tantra.

Similar references in classical literature includes the sixty-four yogic induced paranormal powers siddhisthe sixty-four divisions of the arts kalasand, within the ancient Saiva Siddhanta tradition, the sixty-four saints nayanars.

There are also sixty-four forms of Bhairava, sixty-four tantric mudras, as well as sixty-four siddhas, beyond even the 18 Maha Siddhas, which are more commonly celebrated, and so on. This sacred number is intimately associated with power and life itself. The Aitereya Brahmana speaks of the sixty-fourth and final step into the heavenly world.A Yogini is a female attendant of the mother goddess, who slays illusion with fiery passion through insight and liberation.

The yoginis are just tool to get one with the absolute. They are consorts of Maa Bhagwathi and surround her like nityas in SriVidya. In India, the chausath yogini temples exist in Orissa and Madhya Pradesh built by ancient dynasties.

64 yogini vashikaran mantra

The power of the mantras helps one connect with the spiritual world. The chausath yoginis have immense potent power. Upon recital of their sacred mantras will bring about transformation of consciousness and desired personal relationships. By reciting the Chausath Yogini Vashikaran meaning subjugation: The action of bringing someone or something under domination or control mantra one can in a spiritual way attract the things that one wants in life bringing miraculous results but only when it is done in the right way under guidance of a specialist.

Vashikaran techniques came into existence long time age and many pandit, tantric, rishi and sadhak have been using these techniques of mantra, tantra and yantra for decades. This mantra should be recited on a particular time and you need to worship a specific god and goddess to make the most of these vashikaran techniques. It needs your genuine efforts, hard work, patience and faith to get the desired results. There are many vashikaran mantras available that work and uses as per the situation and scenarios.

We never know when situation becomes worse and we have to use these tactics. A vashikaran mantra works with vibes of positivity and negativity. It controls the mind and brains. It is important that this mantra be recited and used for the genuine cause and not be misinterpreted or misused. One just need to trust on the power of vashikaran and its techniques include tantra, mantra, puja, sadhna, yantra and many more when applied rightfully leads oneness with the absolute hence leading to a life filled with happiness and joy.

If you think you are free, you are free and if you think you are bound, you are bound.

64 yogini vashikaran mantra

Know your opponent and you will never loose. Know yourself and you shall always win! Mahadevi Durga took the responsibility of eliminating the world of tyranny.

But she could not do it alone. Gods came together to invoke Shakti. Armed with weapons and the lion as her mount, the Mother Goddess challenged the demons and in the fierce battle she beheaded Mahisasura for which she came to be known as Mahishasura-mardini.

There is a need of dawn of divinity in this world from time to time to weed out unruly elements and restore order. Para Shakti, the embodiment of infinite energy, is within all of us.

So fight your wars when you need to for the larger Good! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

64 Yogini Yantra

Lingaraj Temple, odisha. May Ma shower her love, light and blessings in abundance. Happy Navratri! Divinity in transcendental glory. Shakti, the repository of infinite energy.

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