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Microsoft Windows offers some quite amazing multi-tasking features, making it very easy to work on more than one thing at the same time. This feature is extremely important in scenarios where you need to interact with a window often or there is something visual in it a video, perhaps. Fortunately, there is an app for almost every problem.

Most of these apps are free to use, but some may offer paid version with some additional features. All you need to do is enable this feature in the specified software or app that you are using. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to set a windows always on top using different tools. Many people need to see videos while working on something else, whether for entertainment or following instructions. Now the VLC media player window will always stay on top while the video is playing until you uncheck this option.

Make your Browser Window always on top There can be many reason why you may want to keep your browser window always on top. You might be following some specific text, picture or video based instructions or you are simple using YouTube and want to make sure the video is always in your sight.

For this purpose, there are many extensions available for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, all you need to do is choose the best. Here are the download links for the extension: Chrome Mozilla Firefox The best thing about using Browser extensions is that whether you are using Mac, Windows or Linux, It will work the same in all three platforms.

Window on Top Window on Top by Skybn is a light kb and simple to use tool to make any window always on top. The concept is simple, you will see a hand sign in the main interface. This is it, that window will now always stay on top. If you are not comfortable with this dragging trick, then you can also use a hotkey to set a window always on top. Download 2. OnTopReplica As the name suggests, this tool w ill create a clone of the original window and set it as always on top.

However, it is perfect for scenarios where your visual depend on something, like a video. This is very handy when you need to view a video while taking less space on the screen. On top of this, the cloned window itself is quite easy to customize with adjustable size. You can specify where the window may reside on the screen and also select a specific region of a window to show in the cloned window.

To clone a window, all you need to do is launch the program and select the window from the interface of the program.

Once selected, it will be automatically cloned and you can right click on the cloned window to customize it. DeskPins provide experience similar to pinning something on a board for easy reference in reality.

The program works from system tray with no interface of its own, it will stay in the system tray while working and will let you pin window on top. To reset the window to normal, just click on the pin icon on the window and it will stop being on top. There are also some customization options that you may like to tweak for better experience. You can change the color of the pin and also set a hotkey to set a window on top with just a press of a button.

Furthermore, there is also an auto-pin option that will automatically pin a window on top after a specified time. Download 4. AquaSnap AquaSnap is actually a full featured window manager with tons of features to control a window. Just like Deskpins, this tool also works from the system tray. You can shake the window again and it will be removed from being on top. You can also customize options according to your need. You can change opacity, sensitivity, duration and speed as you may please.

The best thing about this software is that it is feature rich and compatible with Windows 10, 8.Looking for the top app? Skip ahead.

Forget social media — even if you have the willpower to ignore your Facebook feed, can you resist the ping of a new email notification?

Quickly Enable ‘Always On Top’ Behaviour For Any App Or Window

The interesting headline of the latest Entrepreneur article? The pop up of a text on your iPhone? This software can be a lifesaver for freelancers and employers who primarily work on the OSX operating system. Time tracking apps serve as a reminder, disciplinary assistant, and motivation booster for both solo freelancers and home-based work teams. Even better, some of the best Mac time management apps often come with financial management functions, such as generating invoices for your clients.

Employers using Mac time tracking applications can have the assurance that they are getting value for money paid to their employees. Read more about benefits of time tracking here. Get free demo. When it comes to time management applications, Hubstaff does it all.

Hubstaff time tracker for Mac is great for companies and individuals who hire full-time employees, remote workers and freelancers.

This software generates comprehensive daily, weekly and calendar view timesheets, which can then be used to pay team members and invoice clients. This accountability goes the other way, as well.

These features can be customized to your settings or turned off altogether. Timesheet approvalstime off tracking, billing and payments make Hubstaff a feature-packed option for Mac time tracking.

All the while, still helping companies stay within budget.

always on top mac app

The Hubstaff app is available for OS X Hubstaff also has an iOS app currently available on the app store. The software has over 30 integrations, including Quickbooks and Freshbooks. On the Job lets you track time with an automatic idle time detection and sits quietly on your menu bar. Every time you start the timer, a new session will be automatically created. It can also generate invoices based on customizable hourly rates. Klok features a visual display of your time and tasks and allows you to customize the organization of your clients and projects.

It automatically begins a new timer when you start working on a different task, and you can always adjust the time later.

You can also connect Klok to other time-tracking apps, such as Harvest and Freshbooks more on them laterfor added functionality. Other Klok functions include timesheets that can be exported, generation of invoices and dashboard reporting. You can track time, monitor attendance, and more. Its activity statistics dashboard helps you understand your working habits better so you can make adjustments to improve your working efficiency.

You want to make the process of tracking your time as effortless as possible.

always on top mac app

To get more insight into how you spend your time, give Timing a try. Its interface is nothing to write home about, but it makes up for its appearance with several handy features.

Like its Quick Access option. When you need a break, want to switch projects, or would like to stop timing, just open the menu again and select the relevant option. Fanurio is a budget-friendly option for freelancers and small teams.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Are you tired of shuffling back and forth between windows to get your work done?

There are many ways to use multiple windows efficiently, but sometimes it seems you need to keep a smaller one in front of a larger window and they never quite fit right. There are many utilities to do this, but they are often needlessly complicated and bloated. Here we look at a better solution from Amit, our friend at Digital Inspiration. Thanks to AutoHotkey, you can easily always keep any window on top of all the others on your screen. You can download this as a small exe and run it directly, or can create it with a simple script in AutoHotkey.

For simplicity, we simply downloaded the application and ran it directly. This program will now stay in front, even when it is not the active window. You can keep multiple windows pinned at once, too, though you may clutter your desktop quickly! Always on Top will keep running in your system tray, and you can exit or suspend it by right-clicking on its tray icon and selecting exit or suspend, respectively.

Simply create a new file, insert the code, and save it as plaintext with the. If you have AutoHotkey installed, simply double-click this file for the exact same functionality as the premade version. This is a great way to keep a window handy, and it can be beneficial in many scenarios. For instance you can use it to copy data from a PDF or image into a form or spreadsheet, and it saves a lot of clicks and time. Download Always on Top from Digital Inspiration. Download AutoHotkey if you want to make it yourself.

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3 Ways To Keep A Window Always on Top

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Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. We tested a variety of tools so we can recommend the best, most reliable ones. Whether you want to use a keyboard shortcut or a graphical menu these are the ideal ways to make a window always-on-top.

And, these tools work with pretty much any version of Windows. Another quick thing to note: there are some great apps out there that can make a window stay always on top in addition to doing other things. Give the new script file whatever name you want.

This opens the script for editing in Notepad, or whatever editing program you use. In the Notepad window, paste the following line of code at the bottom. You can then save and close the script. Next, double-click your script to run it.

If you prefer using a mouse over keyboard shortcuts, DeskPins provides a super simple way to make windows always on top by just pinning them. After installation, go ahead and run DeskPins. When you have a window you want to pin to be always on top, click that system tray icon.

Pinned windows actually have a red pin added to the title bar, so that you can tell easily which windows are pinned and which are not. To remove a pin from a window, move your mouse over the pin. Windows that are already always on top have a checkmark—click them again to make them no longer always on top.

Because this tool is so basic and minimal, it works well even when other, fancier applications struggle. Many apps have built-in options so that you can set their windows to become always on top.

You often find these options in media players, system utilities, and other tools that you might want to see all the time. Programs that accept plug-ins may also have an always on top plugin you can install. DisplayFusionfor example, offers the feature even in its free versionbut also provides tools for managing multiple monitors, controlling the desktop and windows in all kinds of ways, and even tweaking other Windows settings.

If you already use one of those—or are interested in those other features—then by all means give them a try. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.Hang transfers your online video to a window which stays on top of others. You will be able to watch your favorite videos and work hard at the same time.

Hang is very easy to use. Don't waste time, download it and have a try! There are a few different screen size choices but none over X If the developer adds some larger sizes or better yet, the ability to click and drag the screen size, this would definitely be a 5 star app.

Still, this is a decent free app that does exactly what it claims. The app works grea. Very smooth and I have not encountered bugs. It definitely does what it says and does it well. Hoping that the dev adds the ability to change window size. Mac App Store Preview.

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Hang transfers your online video to a window which stays on top of others. Jun 23, Version 2. More choices of window sizes. Ratings and Reviews See All.

6 must-have Mac utilities

Information Seller Yue He. Size 3 MB. Compatibility OS X All Rights Reserved. Price Free. App Support. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. MultiWii GUI. Ruler Pinch.This app has a free trial. Set the website to Always-on-Top a. I love the fact that you can share a web page and view it as mobile on top of all windows. Thank you! This is impossible to resize in always-on-top mode, and won't stay on top in resizable mode.

This worked at one point. I did not use it for a while and it no longer works. I think a windows update broke something. I'll change my review if it gets fixed. Simple and functional, exactly what I need. It does have a bit of lag when positioning the window, but once it's in place, it's the perfect always-on-top streaming video window.

Attempted to use this to keep a window on top, it did not. I'm using a website that requires login info for video playing. Click the button that looks like PIP, and it'll stay on top. Worked immediately!

always on top mac app

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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. Are there any better solutions? It's actually surprising that there is no native way to implement this. Extremely useful functionality, and proves that there are Apple-supported and sanctioned ways to achieve this behavior.

Unfortunately, Xcode 9 removed this feature in the iOS Simulator.

How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

Please duplicate my Apple bug report to bring that back, as well! If you are looking to do this just for a say an internet browser window you could look at the open source Helium app. It's free, and you can also download the source and compile your own version if you want. It's basically an internet browser that always floats above all other windows. So you now have two different apps to choose from. I use it to play videos window in window while I work or to keep online instructions on top.

Not sure what you want to use it for? As of MacOS It's no longer open source, but the last open source implementation is still available on GitHub. So if you're inclined to, you could investigate exactly how it's achieved.

I emailed the developer to ask, but it's been so long since they worked on it, they couldn't or wouldn't?

If you're looking to watch video while you browse or use other applications, you can use the Picture-in-Picture Extension by Google for Chrome. Once you attach to process i. App Store in XCode just type:. There is a free app called Key Codes in the Mac App Store that as far as I can tell stays on top of all other windows. Not really an answer but more like a work-around: you can use Spectacle or a similar app to quickly setup a desktop layout that let you follow the original window.

Of course this won't help when you're waiting for someone else to join a support chat and in the meanwhile decide to use your time for something more useful than staring at a blank window -- like working on another virtual desktop :. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Any nice, stable ways to keep a window 'Always on top' on the Mac?

always on top mac app

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