Cupix features

The main benefits of Cupix are 3D tour creation, degree photo and video support, interactive floor plan, and 3D annotations. This platform also allows you to organize your content into workspaces.

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For your viewers and clients, the 3D tours can be viewed through Web Player, which can be used through most browsers. Aside from being able to create virtual tours through degree photos, Cupix also provides support for degree videos. By uploading it, the platform takes care of tracking the camera path and identifying salient photo frames before finally sending the 3D tour to you. These features streamline the creative process, which allows you to focus on the other parts of your presentation.

You can do more with your 3D virtual tour by using Cupix to align it with a floor plan image. The final result of this alignment is an interactive floor plan, which allows your clients to gain a sense of space and size throughout the 3D tour. To provide more information to your clients, Cupix provides 3D annotations in the form of pushpins, 3D boxes, and hotspots. These annotations enrich the viewing experience as it provides visual cues as well as information that may be used to further maximize the 3D tours.

Nowadays, a good project management software solution also takes the role of a virtual workspace that can accommodate…. You have an online shop, but you do not have a good payment processor that can accept different payment methods and currencies, making customers abandon carts.

This is a huge problem because…. Suppose you want to sell chocolate chip cookies but you want to make sure that you have the right amount of ingredients at any one time to make and sell cookies. Cupix Review. What is Cupix? Cupix is a virtual tour software that provides 3D support, as well as an interactive platform to help you and your team impress your clients and customers. This software also comes with a built-in collaboration platform where you can take the time to discuss with signed-in users.

This software can be applied to multiple fields. For instance, Cupix allows you to conduct a 3D tour of your small business. You can also use it to measure dimensions. For construction professionals, this platform enables you and your team to track and monitor project progress in 3D. To ensure that the viewing experience is as memorable as it should be, Cupix allows you and your team to publish your 3D tours to Google Maps. You can also take advantage of the fast 3D capture.

Product Quality Score. Ease of use. Customer support. Value for money. Cupix features. Cupix Benefits.There is a free version. Cupix offers a free trial. Cupix by Cupix. Best For Designed to assist real-estate developers, construction firms, property managers, architects, and other industries with 3D virtual tours.

Product Details Cupix is a SaaS app to create and share as-built VR and 3D models from photos taken by a consumer-grade camera in a fully automated way.

Cupix can be best used in real-estate property virtual tours or as-built visual 3D documentation of construction sites. Cupix is in public beta now and anyone can sign up and start using it for free. Founded in Located in Korea, Republic Of. Starting Price. Cupix Features. Virtual Tour. Compare with Similar Products. Current Product Cupix. Add to Compare. Virtual Tour Software for professional photographers and drone pilots. Easy to upload full motion video, still photos and panoramas!

Online video builder for creation and social sharing of virtual tours, marketing and slideshow videos CloudPano virtual tour software empowers you to create virtual tours. Market any property in full and VR Join NOW! World's most hassle-free o VR publishing and panoramic tours authoring platform Compare 0 products. Remove All. Popular Comparisons.

Cupix vs My Cupix vs Concept3D. Cupix Reviews. Ease of Use.Unparalleled one-stop 3D tour solution helping photographers, real estate agents, and hospitality industry professionals win more business. Then, our cutting-edge software automatically maps locations of hundreds of photos and align them in 3D, and you are ready to impress the world.

It is only a button click away to share 3D tours with the public. We provide numerous ways to build a strong business brand and differentiate you from your competitors. Blurring unwanted image areas, photo tone adjustment and blending your nadir photo at the bottom are seamlessly integrated into one solution. Our 3D tour helps architects, construction professionals, and civil engineers create actionable insights over the life of the project. Capture 50, sqft or 4, sqm in less than two hours and create an as-built 3D photographic record.

Compare a Revit, Navisworks or SketchUp model with hundreds of location-aligned panoramic photos from any camera angle. Capture 3D tours whenever the project reaches milestones and secure the rock-solid proof of the progress. You can restrict user access when sharing 3D tours with sign-in users and enable real-time discussion. Cupix is a software to post a virtual tour to Google Maps' Street View automatically. But it won't teach you how to fight off the hugs and kisses that your clients will inevitably try to give you.

Author at rumors. It has not taken long for us to realize that this is a tool that is required on all future projects. Cupix is providing a documentation tool that is smaller, faster and more flexible than current reality capture solutions on the market.

This low-cost solution is democratizing the reality capture industry. Cupix and other virtual tour software packages will be mainstream in the design and construction world any day now. Sign Up Sign In.

cupix features

Capture a space in 3D without a 3D scanner. Check out sample 3D tours Use your imagination and unlock the power of Cupix 3D tours. Measuring Dimensions in Facilities.Cupix pricing is dependent on two factors, the selected capacity plan and feature package.

Choose a capacity plan first, then select an additional feature package. If you do not select a feature package, you subscription will default to standard features. You can create up to three 3D tours per workspace every month within the MB capacity limit.

You are allowed one active workspace with this plan. If you cancel a paid subscription, your capacity plan will be downgraded to this plan by default. The Petite Capacity Plan is suitable for first time Cupix users. Upgrade your capacity plan to increase the amount of storage available and to create more 3D tours.

cupix features

You can choose to subscribe monthly or annually. There is no limit on the number of new 3D tours per month you can create or the number of active workspaces. The Small Capacity Plan is suitable for small businesses and photographers.

If you need more storage, you can either upgrade your capacity plan or purchase another capacity plan. There is also no limit on the number of new 3D tours per month you can create or the number of active workspaces. The Medium Capacity Plan is recommended for small real estate businesses. The Large Capacity Plan is recommended for real estate businesses and small to medium construction projects.

The Standard Feature Pack is free and available to all users. You can create and manage ie: search, delete, activate, deactivate your 3D tours and workspaces, insert 3D objects into toursadd floor plansmake interactive floor plans, and publish and embed 3D tours on your website.

Follow this link for more information on Standard Features. Follow this link for more information on the Studio Pack.

Features offered include 3D BIM comparisonside-by-side tour comparisonand automatic scaling using Cupix marker sheets. Follow this link for more information on the AEC Pack. You can improve efficiency in communication between various stakeholders using this pack.

Follow this link for more information on the Team Pack. The day free trial offers all users access to all the features in the Cupix Web App for a period of days starting from the subscription date. For instance, if you sign up on July 1, your free trial will end on July You must register your payment information to continue using the app after the free trial period is over.

If you do not, your will have limited access to the 3D tours you created during your free trial after the free trial expires. If you subscribe to capacity plans and feature packages in advance, your monthly or yearly subscription will automatically start after your free trial period.

If you do not select a capacity plan or feature package, your subscription will be converted to a Petite Capacity Plan by default at no charge and you will only have access to standard features.

The free trial offers the same amount of storage as the Petite capacity plan - MB with only one Workspace. Modified on: Fri, 3 Apr, at AM. A small tour has about 10 photos, a mid-sized tour has about 50 photos, and a large tour has about photos. On average, one panoramic photo in a 3D tour covers about to square feet of open space or 10 to 30 square meters.

This estimate is based on photos from cameras.

cupix features

If you use high-resolution photos or asset files taken by DSLR, the number of 3D tours you can create before filling the capacity limit may decrease. Free Trial The day free trial offers all users access to all the features in the Cupix Web App for a period of days starting from the subscription date. When do automatic payments occur? View all.The amount of driving each day perfectly matched what sights were in the area. We never felt rushed to get to the next stop and never felt like we had too much time.

I am a planner and I could not have planned a better trip.

List of features and packages

We had the freedom of a self-drive, but the support and coordination of someone who knew the country. As someone who has been to Iceland many, many time (mainly for work) it is great to see how a local firm can be so much better than booking anything else. Usually I do self booking for everything, however I was finding great difficulty putting together a trip where all the hotels have availability for the dates we wanted.

My wife found Nordic Visitor and we contacted them. The request was something along the lines of "we want the full circle, however we want to do it in reverse, and we want to specifically at this hotel, etc. Within 10 days they (Alexandra) had managed to do everything we wanted and the price was very reasonable (Iceland has never been cheap, but it more affordable now than it was 20 years ago when I first started going there).

Everything from the initial pick up at the airport, through to hire car, hotel bookings, literally everything ran smoothly without any problems whatsoever. During the planning stages, Kolbrun was extremely helpful, answering all of our questions by email quickly and fully. The fjord region is absolutely beautiful and I think it important to actually drive the region to really appreciate it. Again, we always knew that Kolbrun was there to help us if we needed it and we thank you for her services.

Exceptional service from Nordic Visitor from start to end. Had a fantastic time in Iceland and can't wait to be back. All of the hotels were very nice. Rooms were adequate and clean. Breakfast was served at every hotel, which was very nice. Probably the best thing I've ever done. Amazing feeling being up on the glacier. Incidentally, we mistakenly took the closed road to get to the tour, got stuck in snow, and the Tour Guide pulled us out and escorted us to where we should have been.

Jelena was fantastic to work with. We had a lot of communication prior to the trip, she was very responsive to my questions and requests. We were able to book everything as we wanted it -- and during the trip we decided to change a few of our hotel stays and that was no problem at all.

I loved the flexibility of the trip and the self-drive aspect. We were able to enjoy a trip of a lifetime with no worries.Your services were excellent. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for making our vacation very memorable. Iceland is very special place and you helped us make it OUR special place. Nordic Visitor helped us make our first Iceland vacation the best one.

Their travel expert Sigfus worked with before and during the trip to ensure we made the most of vacation. His suggestions were on point and we are glad that we used this travel agency.

How much does Cupix cost?

The in person consultation was another example of excellence. We even got calls during to make sure we are OK and to give us updates on volcano. Thanks to Nordic Visitor and Sigfus, our Iceland trip was the most memorable one. Everything was smooth from pick up of tickets in the Oslo train station to check in at each hotel.

A truly wonderful train trip. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of beautiful Norway, the tour was very well organized and easy to negotiate without a guide. It provides a good introduction to Norway for the first time visitor and I would highly recommend it.

Thank you so much, we had a wonderful trip and Nordic Visitor and in particular Cecilia were wonderful. You have made it a special and memorable time for us and we thank you for all your work and attention to detail. My wife and I completed the Iceland Full Circle self drive trip on August 26 arranged by Hilmar and Signy of Nordic Visitor.

We were happy with all of our accommodations and very glad that we waited until after our trip began to plan a couple optional excursions such as the zodiac boat ride on a glacial lagoon and the Blue Lagoon on a rainy day the day we departed. The scenery was so spectacular that we hiked more than I expected we would plus since we lucked out on the weather, we wanted to be outside.

Bad weather our last two days caused us to explore a textile museum and the Skagafjordur Folk Museum featuring turf buildings. Helpful hint-if you want to climb Mount Namafjall (mud pots, fumaroles, etc. I would recommend this service to anyone. They made our trip to Sweden effortless. We encountered passport problems at the start of our trip which resulted in a delay and Cecilia was able to rearrange everything for us. She went above and beyond in service to us. This is the only way to go and I would definitely use this service again.

Our Southern Iceland self-driving tour was wonderful. Working with Larus, at Nordic visitor, was a breeze, even though he was coordinating a trip for members from the US and Australia. He changed accommodations and upgraded things without any problems. The maps and booklets really let us know what to expect and how to prepare. Our accommodations were wonderful.

There was a mistake made in rooms, one evening, but Larus found another hotel in a very short time. We had to drive a little further, but it was well worth it. The last night was right on the busiest street in Reykjavic. Very noisy with everyone on the street, but my 22 yo daughter was out there, too, so we could not complain.Countries that have smoking bans have seen bingo halls close down, while online bingo sites proliferate.

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