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We will take a winter vacation from December 28th to January 5th. Although replies to questions and We will take a summer vacation from August 10th to the 14th. Although replies to questions and other We will take a early summer vacation from April 27th to May 6th.

Although replies to questions and o Basically Gotoh does not sell our parts directly to personal users. Please kindly ask or contact with retailers or web-shops that sells our parts.

We conduct all export operations through Japanese trading companies. If you need GOTOH products as a dealer or manufacturer, we will introduce you to the most suitable trading company. We have no reply to this kind of question. Even if some guitar maker indicates the use of Gotoh parts, we cannot confirm which model is installed to.

Each guitar maker has their own specifications depending on the manufacturing year, differences of factories and so on, even though they install Gotoh OEM parts. It depends on the model types and the conditions of your parts. Please show a damaged part by sending the parts itself or the picture.

We will reply to your inquiry by return. For repair of damaged parts, please contact with shops or instrument makers you purchased the parts. In addition, please understand that we basically use the latest assembly parts for your repairing. We modify some parts and inspections for the better improvement at random times. It is possible, but we do not guarantee for the safety of replacment. We do recommend you to entrust replacement of parts to a repairman or craftsman.

The replacement of pegs or the parts is not easy and possibly can cause the damage of breaking a screw, not enlarging a peg hole to accommodate the new replacement bushing and a screw. Our parts are sold worldwide and are consistently ranked at the top of the industry by musical instrument makers. We are proud to announce our 60th anniversary inand at the same time thank the users of GOTOH products and those who cooperated in the production and sales. The ultimate finish, repels all water and dirt and gives inimitable look.

The ultimate post stays solid, even during arming or bending play. Height Adjustable Post. You can get an ideal string vibration. For 7 Strings Guitar. New Release. KG02 - Debut! The Premium Line. KO-GA is a traditional Japanese term meaning outstanding elegance.

Nature Mode. High Quality Real Wood Buttons.Gotoh makes a number of guitar bridges, from vintage rock guitar interpretations and Wilkinson-designed models to their own modern series designs. Choose from standard models, Luxury Art Collections, "Relic" finishes, In-Tune saddles, and lightweight aluminum and titanium components. Gotoh's modern take on the classic Tune-O-Matic style bridge and tailpiece. Finishes include chrome, gold, black chrome, and cosmo black.

Three Tune-o-matic style bridges with subtle but important differences. The GEB models are deeper 14mm for a longer saddle travel and more extensive intonation adjustability. The GEB model has a more vintage 11mm depth.

The suffix "-T" adds modern style posts with anchors. Tailpieces come in two materials and two mounting styles for four basic models in total, all of which are available in five standard finishes. Z is for zinc and A is for aluminum. The "-T" suffix means modern-style mountings with domed tops and lipped anchors. Gotoh's unique grooving on the "In-Tune" saddles results in more exact intonation compared to traditional vintage-style saddles.

Each saddle is reversible and can be used in any position. Brass saddles for a bright sound. Models available with brass "In-Tune" saddles include:.

Titanium saddles for a rich harmonic overtones and long sustain. Models available with titanium "In-Tune" saddles include:. Wilkinson-designed "ashtray" bridge with adjustable compensated brass saddles. It's a vintage bridge with modern saddles, giving you the best of both worlds. If you agree to the terms, just let us know and we will send a PayPal payment request to complete the transaction or you can simply send the full amount to requires javascript.

Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment through PayPal; they accept most credit cards. Shipments are sent via Japan Post's fast and secure EMS service 4 business days to most locations, with tracking.

This generally takes just a few weeks but we are unable to guarantee an exact shipping schedule ahead of time. Most DoMo and almost all Gotoh products ship from Japan.Positioning the bridge Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator. Just installed this bridge on a Fender Baja Telecaster, replacing the original 3 saddle bridge.

Before I even plugged in the guitar to my amp, I could already hear a huge difference in tone and sustain and overall clarity.

Highly recommended for any MIM Telecaster. Easy installation. I've bought a few of these for my builds. Excellent, heavy brass baseplate, saddles make for perfect intonation. Well machined, no sharp edges, nice plating. My cheap Tele knockoff had intonation problems with a 3 saddle bridge.

This 6 saddle replacement not only solved the intonation problem, the tone is much clearer and brighter, with more sustain. Palm muting is a lot easier, and I prefer the feel of the smoother saddles. Installation was a breeze, but I did need to lower the saddles quite a bit. Luckily, I already had the proper allen wrench but agree with others that one should be included.

I install these for folks with the old Teles with only 3 bridge saddles. Everything about this bridge is an upgrade - better tone and sustain as well as the biggie - perfect intonation. My only complaint as with everybody's version is that the mounting screws are in the way of the saddle feet. Due to the location, which is necessary to retrofit from the old bridge, some of the adjusting screws or 'feet' end up sitting on or partially on the big screw heads.

A cooler design might be to countersink the heads a little more and use a thin metal flush cover for the screws if anyone wanted to work on that design I bought this to replace the stock bridge on my Squier Tele Classic Vibe 50s because I wanted to upgrade from 3 saddles to 6. This bridge is hefty and solid, has a beautiful chrome finish, and fits perfectly where Fender bridges do not necessarily fit Squires. It's expensive, but I think it was worth the money.

This bridge is made very well. It offers far more adjustment than the older style. This Gotoh replacement Telecaster Bridge may not have that "Vintage" look but who cares? It's and to me proper intonation, increased sustained, and increased tone plus a way way more comfortable bridge for palm muting. I installed this bridge on my Fender Telecaster and now my Tele sounds so much better. Highly recommended. I don't usually write reviews but thought may be someone can benefit from my experience.

First, positive items is that all the holes matched up and fit with pick guard. The bridge plate is also slightly thicker than the stock bridge. I had purchased the bridge with hopes of gaining a slight increase in space between the fret board edge and strings.Looks old but plays in tune! Gotoh's compensated saddles have solved this problem without changing the look of this classic bridge.

Built-in compensation Gotoh's In-Tune saddles have unique grooves molded into them which move each string's point of contact for more exact intonation than traditional barrel saddles. This bridge features a stamped steel baseplate and is designed for string mounting through the body. Adjust the saddle height with a 1.

If you replace a stock fender bridge assembly, you may have re-drill the anchor screw holes. The intonation adjustment screws can easily strip. The angle of the connection to the barrel saddles increases the tension on the screw as you adjust them backwards, so take care when intonation. Otherwise this is a really good deal on a great sounding and cool looking bridge assembly.

Fixed my intonation issues but the saddle adjustment screws are very poor quality.

Best Telecaster Bridges | Tele Bridges | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

On the plus side it sounds really great. I have no buzz due to the bridge and the string spacing is good. Just really disappointed in the quality of the screws. Buy one now and you won't regret it! Awesome looking and sounding bridge! Bought this to upgrade the FSR Ash Tele bridge because of intonation issues and palm bleeding due to the high screws sticking out.

This one fits perfectly and its probably the best and only upgrade I will need for this guitar. The intonation is great, the sustain problem I was having on the high-E on the old bridge seems to be gone. Looks great, sounds great. I bought this along with other telecaster relic parts and they are all fantastic! Building a Barncaster and it's looking awesome! Can't wait to finish and start the next.

Gotoh Hardtail Bridge

I used to age parts with acid over a three day period - now instantaneous and actually "cleaner! This bridge is OK. Intonation is very good. Tone is about right for an ashtray bridge.

The intonation adjustment screws are crap and are almost completely stripped at the head Philips-head after only a few adjustments. They are also quite hard to turn when the strings are tuned to pitch.

Frankly, I got better results in the past from the cheaper ashtray tuner Stew-Mac also sells plus the compensated saddles they sell, i. We're very sorry to hear the intonation screws stripped out on this bridge and it did not meet your expectations. The saddle spacing on this bridge matches Fender vintage specs. We are sending out replacement intonation screws right away! If a product fails to work as intended in your shop, we'll take back the product and replace or refund.

Call us so we can make it right. In stock, ready to ship!Are you tired of the plain old bridge on your guitar? If your tones are starting to sound dull and unoriginal, it is time to look for a better telecaster bridge to upgrade the quality.

Changing the bridge on your guitar is slightly more complex customization than simply replacing the strings. However, once you feel the difference between a standard bridge and a high-quality replacement option, you will realize that the effort is worth it! What you should be looking for is a telecaster bridge that suits your guitar. The bridge should offer a better sound than the standard guitar components.

As always, we managed to find some amazing deals that include top quality products at very competitive prices. Therefore, if you are on a budget, opt for one of the first few options on our list, as those are usually the more affordable products.

If you have the budget to go for a higher quality option, look at the more expensive products listed at number four and five below!

We will get started with the Wilkinson Chrome Ashtray bridge for tele guitars. This bridge is made of stamped steel combined with compensated brass saddles.

It truly shows superb built quality, which is why it is a great replacement and upgrades from ordinary bridges on tele guitars. This is a very versatile model that supports two kinds of strings. The strings can go through the back of the body but you can also top-load them through the rear end of the bridge. Either way, you can expect good sound reproduction thanks to great individual intonation of each string.

It is important to mention that the bridge also reduces tension on the strings, which makes it easier to bend. Thus, this bridge for tele guitars will make your playing experience much better and more enjoyable. Overall, the bridge offers a vintage sound style and great quality intonation. However, it does not come with screws needed for installation, which is a slight disadvantage. Considering the price, this is a very convenient and competitive telecaster bridge.

Unlike the previous bridge on our list, this one features six instead of three saddles. This is the classic Fender American design. The saddles are fully adjustable and powder-coated for longer durability and higher quality intonation.

The bridge features the classic Chrome case with three mounting holes for easy installation.

How to Intonate a Guitar

The mounting hardware and all the necessary pieces are included. This authentic replacement works well on both Am series and Am standard telecasters. However, it is important to mention that the bridge allows only one type of string. The strings can only go through the body of the bridge. The build quality of the bridge is way above average and the solid plate certainly adds to the durability of the entire piece.

Overall, it is a great replacement piece considering that it is a genuine Fender tele bridge. Unlike the first Wilkinson bridge on our list, this one features a staggered saddle design.

It is made of high-quality nickel for greater durability and resistance. When it comes to sound, this vintage telecaster bridge certainly meets the standards of great quality. There is no doubt that it surpasses all other bridges in this price range.

The bridge offers great intonation of strings and allows both types of stringing, including top-loading and stringing through the body of the case.Positioning the bridge Find bridge placement for any scale with our free online tool fret position calculator. The describe was accurate and product was reliable. Installed this on my Telecaster build, fit perfectly. Solid product. This bridge is beautiful and very high quality. Got the gold and it is beautiful and fit perfectly on my Tele style custom guitar.

This Bridge was just what I was looking for, for my newest build. I got the bridge in one day, excellent service, and it screwed right in no mods needed, the intonation and brighter sound was a nice surprise. Replaced the old bridge on my MIM '72 Thinline and the difference is lovely. Easy install and setup. I bought this bridge for upgrading a Fender telecaster FSR.

It completely changed the tone for the better. The guitar sounds great plugged into an amp or not plugged in. It was a drop in replacement no modification needed! I decided to swap out all the chrome hardware from my Squier tele custom lol for black. I used this to replace a substandard bridge on a p equipped tele copy,improved the sound and intonation immensely. Product arrived as scheduled. No complaints. Chrome Item In stock, ready to ship!Santos-Lozada and Jeffrey T.

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gotoh telecaster bridge

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gotoh telecaster bridge

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gotoh telecaster bridge

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Gotoh Modern Bridge for Tele

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