Mercedes e 250 cdi 4matic

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Mercedes Benz E 250

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Xenon svetla. Senzori za svetla. Parking senzori.The E-Class has anchored the mid-sized luxury segment for years.

mercedes e 250 cdi 4matic

The question is can the latest diesel continue to garner the same sort of popularity as the car it replaces? Without giving too much away, the answer is yes. To begin with, the one part of its make-up that really did impress me mightily was the 2. It is strong, putting out horsepower. However, the real plus is found in the pound-feet of torque it twists out at just 1, rpm. The engine itself is remarkably refined, pretty darned quiet and it started quickly on frosty mornings. It also has the wherewithal to power the E-Class to kilometres an hour in 7.

Remarkably, the diminutive diesel did this while averaging 6. It also means not having to worry about what to do when the battery ages and fades. And cold weather takes the otherwise good and makes it bad — many boosts are required the first cold day of winter! I also loved the 4Matic all-wheel-drive system. It shuttled the power about invisibly while maximizing traction even when hit with the first real winter storm of the season. Wearing all-season tires, it just did not slip nor did it slide — equip the E with a proper set of winter boots and it would be all but unstoppable.

It is a very competent system that adds a great deal to the overall driving dynamics. The E also brings an enviable blend of ride comfort and handling. On the highway it wafted along soaking up the rigors of a rough road without missing a beat.

Through a set of sweeping curves it hunkered down and got on with the business of controlling body roll. The sporty nature of the suspension certainly helped in this regard.

It was also remarkably neutral to the feel, a trait that can be attributed to the aforementioned 4Matic system. Kudos for the feel and feedback from the steering — on-centre it was direct and it turned away with precision. In the end, there was not much to complain about from a dynamic perspective. The interior is very nicely finished, with quality materials found throughout — even the instrument panel was lovingly wrapped in leather.

The shortcomings are twofold. Second, there is altogether too much nudging of said controller when navigating through the various functions.

Up to reach some; down to reach others.

mercedes e 250 cdi 4matic

It then calls for a lot of twiddling of the knob to find the right command. In fairness, some time with it did make it easier to comprehend and, pun intended, command, so a prospective owner will get used to it reasonably quickly.

The one facet that did work well was the degree camera setup. If I were to get picky, it is that the rear camera is very susceptible to dirt, which blurred the view at times. There is not a lot of shape to them and they come across as a tad firm at first, but they did deliver the right support and excellent long-distance comfort. Moving rearward, the back seat will accommodate three at a pinch — not recommended for long distances because of the central tunnel intrusion and the fact it leaves little foot space for the middle rider.

The outboard riders also get heated buns. There was not a lot wrong with the E-Class; the E model takes everything to the next level. The interior is richer, the handling has more poise and the 4Matic all-wheel-drive system makes it a true Canadian car. There is no bigger compliment.

Trending Videos See More Videos.All rights reserved. More on this:. Space Junk. Starting withwhen the Mercedes-Benz E-Class family received what is arguably the most expensive mid-cycle refresh in automotive history, the only diesel engine available for the North American versions of the E-Class comprises the E BlueTec in both rear-wheel drive and 4Matic all-wheel drive variants.

In essence, it is a 2. Since the E BlueTec was a turbocharged V6 many people complained about the fact that its replacement is much less powerful, but that situation seems to have changed now that reviews of the E BlueTec have started pouring in.

While the more powerful specifications found on its six-cylinder rivals would make you feel either one could win the comparison, it seems that the tiny four-cylinder diesel in the E BlueTec 4Matic convinced the reviewers from Autos with its smoothness and the low fuel consumption so much that they declared it the winner.

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Mercedes-Benz E 250 CDI Kombi

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 engine oil capacity

Turning Radius m. Key Features. Air Conditioner. Climate control.The Mercedes-Benz E-Class comes up with a facelift that was worth one billion euros and after which, it became a symbol of German rigor, a mature, cold model, breathing in premium air. Inside the segment of big class saloons, the Mercedes-Benz always strongly came in through the E-Class. With a special identity inside the range, the E-Class faught for supremacy against models like the 5 Series or A6, getting to set the standards of comfort and refinement.

But the sport has been placed second so far. Well, along with the launch of the new model, Mercedes-Benz decided to pay more and more attention to the way it gets the driver involved in driving. It was though a move covered by many safety systems, a start towards that direction. The changes were elusive, but, along with this facelift, they spent a billion euros for, according to the official representatives, they got to be genuinely felt also from behind the wheel.

Before I get to itemize this chapter, I cannot ignore the new brand identity offered in two versions: Elegance and Avantgarde. The tested model is Elegance, which has the logo reigning on the bonnet, while for the Avantgarde, it is built in the front grille.

I personally tend to favor the Elegance, which has a natural continuity on the inside too, where everything seems designed by the rule. The feeling of everything well trimmed seems fraughter than ever, as all the materials used in it are high quality.

A great advantage is the way they were combined, but also the sober atmosphere that leaves no room for debate. Up against the 5 Series, the space offer seems more generous, the short console and the thin seats providing this advantage. The dashboard instrument clusters are easily legible now, while the color combination is somewhat over against the other elements on the inside. The easy to set driving position, together with the vast glass surface and the lines of the straight body shell convinced me that it is easier to drive in the city, than the 5 Series and the A6.

It is comfortable to travel in the back seats, thanks to the thin back and the cushion area is somewhat longer than that of the competitors. The tested version has the most fashionable diesel engine of the brand under the bonnet: 2. Right from the very start, I realized that they did not save any sound-absorbing materials, as the noise typical for this engine stopped once I closed the door. It is an illustrous engine, available also in other models, enjoying a good reliability and a frugal fuel consumption.

Even like that, the car has a transcendent behaviour, also provided by the upgraded steering, that gets the driver more involved in driving, together with the slightly more rigid suspension, compared to what Mercedes got us used to.

Of course, you can choose the Comfort mode, which turns it into the most comfortable model in its class. Along with the new models, the competitors keep up with them, but, as any Mercedes-Benz, the E-Class is very quiet on humping road. No stray sound, no wind noise, no road noise.

Тест-драйв Mercedes E-Сlass W212 250 CDI 4matic ( 2014 ). \

Another important aspect is the fuel consumption, that, in my case, was placed around the 7-liter figure in km combined drive. Even though we are talking about a facelift, the drive test proves that really important changes which were made are essential and the E-Class is in the best shape. It likes comfortable drive best, but the fuel consumption is close to the figures of a E CDI.

Info About us. Elena LuchianSeptember 22, Elena LuchianSeptember 21, Razvan MagureanuSeptember 18, Razvan MagureanuSeptember 16, Elena LuchianSeptember 15, Razvan MagureanuSeptember 15, Elena LuchianSeptember 26, Elena LuchianSeptember 24, Elena LuchianSeptember 18, Elena LuchianSeptember 17, The body styles of the range are:.

Ina facelift was introduced for the E-Class range, featuring significant styling changes, fuel economy improvements and updated safety features. After being unveiled at the North American International Auto Show to invited members of the press and put on public display at the Geneva Motor Show[4] it was introduced in March for Europe and in July for North America in the saloon body style.

Inan estate body style became available to all markets, though the estate body style was available in Europe since August Global cumulative E-Class sales reached the milestonevehicle mark in July Design work began in after the development programme commenced inwith the exterior design by Winifredo Camacho and interior design by Thomas Stopka being selected in Certain elements of the exterior styling are taken from the preceding W C-Class and W S-Class each designed in and The bulging rear wheel arches are meant to be reminiscent of the fender flares of historic " Ponton " Mercedes models of the s.

The saloon went on sale in Europe in March as a model year automobile. The E-Class features several new safety technologies including driver drowsiness detectionlane departure warningand traffic sign recognition.

It also includes features that improve performance, efficiency, and comfort, such as "Direct Control" adaptive suspension, active seats which change shape to support the passengers in cornersand movable radiator louvers which improve the vehicle's aerodynamics.

Standard Mercedes-Benz safety and convenience features, such as the Electronic Stability Program ESPairbags, and automatic climate control, are included as well. The estate version chassis code S was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show [11] and was released for sale in Europe on 5 August. The rising character line of the E-Class was inspired by the S-Class, as were the wheel-arch extensions, the door handles, and the enlarged bumpers. Meanwhile, the CLS-Class inspiration came in the form of the re-shaped headlights, featuring an edgier squared teardrop design as opposed to the previous ovoid shape.

Other changes made on the model included a wider-framed grille, new air intakes, and an overall wedge-shaped profile. Mercedes gave the interior a subtle facelift, one that features a more spacious cockpit with height adjustable bucket front seats, remote power door locks, power mirrors, heated mirrors, 4 one-touch power windows, and remote window operation.

There are also wood trims on the doors, dashboard, and center console, front and rear reading lights, a leather steering wheel, an electrochromatic inside rearview mirror, and front and rear floor mats. The amount of new features on the facelifted model is about the same that's expected from the release of an entirely new model.

Depending on the market, the E-Class is available in the following versions.

mercedes e 250 cdi 4matic

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mercedes e 250 cdi 4matic

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