W204 thermostat location

Cheap Tyre Buying Guide. How much to change a tyre? Where can I buy tyres online? Where can I get tyre insurance? How much to get a tyre repaired? Best tyre inflators Are Servicing Plans Worth It? Checking Tyres Tyre dimensions explained How much to get a tyre repaired? How to check tyre pressures Best tyre inflators Yesterday it came back from its service and the dealer informed me I have two coolant leaks on the engine.

Water pump and Thermostat housing. They highly advise I change both, at significant costs. The dealer says Mercedes-Benz will give a 50 per cent reduction on the water pump work as it has failed earlier than expected, but the thermostat housing is at full price for some reason.

None of this was a problem at last year's service. What should I do? Well, you could claim under sale of goods that the parts have not lasted the six years your could reasonable have expected from an expensive and prestigious consumer durable: www.

Meanwhile I'll note the faults in car by car. Answered by Honest John on 25 May Tags: maintenance and servicing water leaks. Similar Questions Why is water leaking into the footwell of my Vauxhall Corsa? Why is there a leak in the front footwell of my Vauxhall Corsa? Ask Honest John I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Get a quote on a car warranty. Cars For Sale Browse thousands of new and used cars near you.

Eastern England. North East England. Tyre dimensions explained. How to check tyre pressures.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Hello I am trying to replace the thermostat on my W C CDI although I am struggling to find any tutorials or service manual guides on the internet I am concerned that the fuel rail seems attached to a bracket on the thermostat -is there a trick to this Could anyone kindly advise Thanks.

Im assuming that it is a non blue efficiency cdi? Thats excellent thanks! Will give it a go tomorrow, will keep you updated C cdi non blu-eff. Took a while to get round to this as I first bought a copy thermostat which was a terrible fit for the temp sensor. Didn't realise this until I had taken out the old thermostat though!

Seeing how I have had to do the job twice I would recommend that people do this with a nearly hot engine and catch the coolant from the hose. With a cold engine, coolant just flows from the engine block and you can't catch it. Thanks again! It was perhaps 40celcius when I changed it. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.The thermostat helps control the engine's temperature.

If your car is running too hot and there is the proper amount of coolant in the car and it is not leaking, or your car is taking a long time to warm up, there is a very good chance that your thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced.

If you are going to be working on the thermostat, make sure the car is cool and not under pressure. Working on a hot engine or one under pressure can cause serious harm coolant is also very toxic and should never be attempted.

Coolant needs to be collected and disposed of in accordance with your local regulations.

Q: Coolant thermostat sensor 2008 c300 benz

Pouring coolant down a drain or into the street is illegal. Also, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after working around it. Coolants last a much longer time than they did in the past so if your coolant is still good there is no need to dispose of it.

Drain it into a clean container, and you can reuse it. If your coolant is old this is a great time to drain and flush the complete system. Please see our article on coolant drain and flush for additional assistance with that project. You need to remove the front engine cover red arrow and the air ducts yellow arrows to replace the coolant hoses so please see our article on engine cover removal for additional assistance.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. Next, you need to remove the under body trays and drain the radiator red arrow. Please see our article on these procedures for further assistance.

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The thermostat is one of the high points in the system red arrow so lots of people try and change it out without draining the coolant completely and then just topping up and bleeding the system after they are finished. If you go this route please make sure to properly catch and dispose of the coolant that will come out when you release the thermostat hose.

w204 thermostat location

You need to remove the drive belt to remove the thermostat; use a 17mm socket and turn the tensioner counter clockwise until the belt is loose and slip the belt off red arrow. If you have further questions please see our article on drive belt replacement. Use a flathead screwdriver and release the quick release clip from the thermostat red arrow.

Wiggle and pull the hose from the thermostat and be prepared for some coolant to spill out. Use an E10 socket and remove the single bolt and idler pulley below the thermostat red arrow.

Disconnect the sensor from the bottom of the thermostat housing red arrow. There are two E10 bolts holding the thermostat to the block red arrow.

Remove these bolts. The upper bolt can be difficult to access as the air pump settles over time. You may need to use a T25 Torx and loosen the mounts red arrows for the pump to give you room to get at the upper thermostat bolt.

With the bolts removed pull the thermostat from the block red arrow. These can get stuck over time so you may want to give it a gentle tap with a rubber mallet to help free it up. Never pry anything between the mounting surfaces of the thermostat and block or hit it with a metal hammer. You need to thoroughly clean the mounting surface before installing the new thermostat and gasket red arrow.

Use something soft, plastic or a Scotch-Brite pad to clean this area. Never use a razor or anything that could gouge the surface. If you have removed the thermostat to perform another job and are going to reinstall it, you must use a new gasket red arrow and O-ring yellow arrow.

Installation is the reverse of removal.When I start the car, the aircon is at 24 degrees and it takes a very long time for the vehicle to get cold.

Once I switch the temp to 22 degrees, it immediately turns cold. Does that mean that the thermostat needs changing? I just got this car last Friday and the dealer has a 6 month warranty period. Any idea how much would it cost? Any other advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Got to see if your AC unit got enuff gas Yes do you have a spare tyre too? If yes, u shld hv a car jack coz its bundle together with the spare tyre.

I got the dealer to send it to their workshop for me and they topped up the gas. Actually B class Aircon is very powerful n cold. I usually set it at 22 deg. However you need to set it to internal circulation whenever you start your ride and after every 20 mins. The air-con compressor is not located inside the engine compartment, it's located below the driver seat under the car. Is good to check your air con again after 3 months to see if there is any leak. For B class dun use back the original Spark plugs they have some small problem with mis-firing.

Use iridium plugs. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.Once the engine is running and reaches a certain operating temperature, a sensor inside the thermostat will cause it to open, allowing coolant to flow to and from the radiator, decreasing the temperature so it can be recirculated through the engine again.

The opening and closing of the thermostat at the correct time are critical to maintaining proper engine temperature. There are 4 common symptoms associated with a bad or failing thermostat.

The first and potentially most alarming symptom will be the temperature gauge reading high into the red within the first 15 minutes of your vehicle engine running. This is often the first sign that the thermostat is not functioning properly. A thermostat stuck in the open position constantly pushes coolant into the engine and causes a lower operating temperature.

w204 thermostat location

Your temperature gauge will show a needle that barely increases or remains at the lowest setting. This will reduce engine efficiency and increase emisssions over time, as well as accelerate the deterioration of parts. Erratic temperature fluctuations can also occur, causing dramatic spikes and drops in temperature that eventually lead to poor engine performance and reduced gas mileage. In this case, you may see the temperature abnormally low at one point and, shortly after, climb to an abnormally high level.

Another indication may be leaking coolantwhich can occur when the thermostat does not allow coolant to flow when stuck in the closed position. This can be noticeable in a variety of locations, but most commonly around the thermostat housing. It can eventually cause other coolant hoses to leak as well, often resulting in coolant leaking on the ground under your vehicle.

Thermostat replacement is a fairly inexpensive repair to make to your vehicle, preventing potentially thousands of dollars in engine damage due to excessive heat. If any of the above symptoms sound familiar to you, it may be time to have an expert mechanic diagnose your vehicle. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Vehicle Engine Mechanical Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair.

Schedule Vehicle Engine Mechanical Inspection. Service Area. Average rating fromcustomers who received a Vehicle Engine Mechanical Inspection.Hello, my cel came on while I was driving. I checked it at a local autozone and the code read thermostat sensor. The part was 20 bucks. My question is where is the sensor located so I can change it out myself.

Also the car just reach 70k miles what maintance should I be looking for to do?. Thank you. Your temperature sensor is going to be located behind the engine on the driver side. You will need to remove the engine cover and you will need a torx bit 30 to remove the sensor.

You can find the info for your car on this Mercedes-Benz maintenance booklet. I hope this helps. As always, if you need help with this issue have one of our professional technicians come help you with a proper diagnostic of your Check Engine Light and help you replace this sensor as necessary.

Q: Coolant thermostat sensor c benz asked by John D. Thank you My car has miles. My car has a manual transmission. Larry Brown Automotive Mechanic. Thank Larry. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Car was barely turning over and would not enough to start.

Kept trying and eventually everything was dead. New battery still dead by Matt T. Just replaced fuel. Key will not turn, steering wheel isn't locked by Stephanie. Cranking up by Jordan. All coolant leaking from vehicle after sitting by Justin J. Are there 2 camshaft positioning sensors to replace on this car by George A. Home Questions. Year I don't know. What others are asking I recently replaced the starter and now my check engine light is on in my Nissan Maxima Hello.Forums New posts Search forums.

What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. W thermostat. Thread starter Mbstarz Start date Jan 5, Tags thermostat w Mbstarz Active Member. I have noticed on a 9 mile trip today, when I got home stat needle was at I would have thought it would be at 90 as it was a good stop start drive.

Outdoor temp about 6 degrees. Would you suspect a problem? How much would it cost to replace a thermostat using a genuine part? Would a diagnostic pick up a faulty stat? Note: I am getting about mpg around town which is poor Cheers. Diesels take a long long time to heat up [ its because they are more thermally efficient they give off less waste heat] Outside temp at 6 degrees is not hot and the car may have experienced some pretty low temperatures sitting overnight??

My gut feeling is that its probably not so far off the expected at this stage to warrant further work. If you have the later twin turbo OM engine they have a variable output engine coolant pump- I guess its possible this has developed a fault- assuming it "defaults" to a full flow condition? A fault code would possibly show this up. Bernie C Member. Hi I have a Cdi and after 4 to 5 miles it is planted at 90 deg C - this is even at low ambients - I would definitely look at a thermostat replacement Good luck.

W204 thermostat

I had a similar situation. Car would struggle to reach 60C on short or even longer journeys of 50 miles. Also the heater was struggling to make the car warm inside. Everyone I spoke to said: thermostat is stuck open. As soon as the new thermostat was fitted, the coolant temperature reached normal temps 80CC ish reasonably quickly again, and the heater made it toasty warm inside pretty quickly.

Last edited: Jan 9, Chrishazle MB Enthusiast. On my S C, which lives on my driveway, within 4 miles of leaving home the temp gauge is off its bed and the heater is warming the inside of the car. Had a similar problem to yours with my S a few years back, new thermostat cured the problem - and increased the indicated mpg by about 5mpg! You must log in or register to reply here.

w204 thermostat location

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